Building Envelope Engineering Services

We provide a complete range of Structural & Thermal design, consulting, and peer review services including Building Information Modeling (BIM) related to building Envelopes systems, such as-but not limited to-the following:

  • Curtain Wall Systems (stick built, unitized and hybrids)
  • Glass Wall (aluminum and/or steel truss and frame)
  • Space Frame Structures
  • Cable Structures
  • Stick Systems
  • Panel Systems (utilizing cost saving non-linear analysis techniques)
  • Light Gage Framing
  • Blast & ballistic Resistant Facades / Structures
  • High wind Resistant Facades/ Structures
  • Railing systems
  • High Span Walls
  • Stone Cladding (handset, pre-cast and prefabricated steel truss)

Consulting & Forensic Engineering Services

We provide a range of consulting and forensic services related to developers, contractors, Architects, law firms including the following:

  • Investigation of site condition, analyzing drawings, material specifications, and supporting documentation. Finite Element Analysis is often used to evaluate materials and fabrication/ construction defects.
  • In-depth, comprehensive Expert Reports - our conclusions and testimonies are based on quantified results, which are easily understood. We prepare professional exhibits, graphics and animation, which effectively demonstrate engineering principles and analysis results.
  • Disciplined approach to fact gathering and analysis, which lead to accurate findings that withstand the toughest scrutiny.
  • Structural engineering for new construction residential & commercial projects.
  • Structural engineering & consulting for E/M equipment support for hospitals (OSHPD), schools (DSA), and commercial projects.

Technical Engineering Services

We provide solutions to complex engineering problems using various nonlinear finite element analysis software packages, our skills and experience in both numerical methods and engineering mechanics. Our advanced engineering analysis includes:

  • Linear and non-linear finite element analysis
  • Blast & security analysis
  • Technical due diligence
  • Design enhancement & value engineering
  • Weld Failure & code analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Failure investigation and analysis
  • Fatigue & stress analysis on structures, components of a structure, connections, and fasteners